Tulum Lite

  • Destination: Tulum, Q.Roo, Mexico
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Tour Type: Private only (Pending availability)

Tulum Lite is a Yucatreks private tour for new visitors, light hearted vacationers or guests who want a taste of the Riviera Maya. We have created a half day tour that includes culture, history, nature and of course, relaxation. Think of this as your window into the heart of the Riviera Maya knowing there is more to the coastal region and inland areas of the Yucatan for your next visit.

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Tour Itinerary

• Guided tour of Tulum Ruins
• Swimming/ snorkeling stop – Gran Cenote
• Box lunch 

Tour Price
Price varies depending on group size.
Check private tour rates table below.
What's Included
Deluxe air-conditioned transportation, professional bilingual guide, entrance fees to ruins and cenote, guided tour of archaeological site, water and soft drinks throughout the day, snacks and box lunch.
Group Size
We lease 12 passenger Toyota touring vans, 16 passenger Mercedes super-vans, or 24 passenger mini-buses, so group size is not a problem! We can do bus tours, but remember we are the tour company for people who don’t do bus tours, some of the locations we visit are not accessible by bus.
Tour Pick Up
Private tours are door to door pickup/ drop off. Pick up is included at most hotels between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. If you’re staying outside of our pickup area, i.e. Puerto Morelos to Cancun, additional transportation charges will apply. You will receive detailed pickup information along with your tour confirmation upon booking.
How do I book?
Refer to Private Tour Rate Table below for tour prices. Click on “Book Private Tour” button and fill out booking form including your preferred and back up tour dates. After contacting you on availability of your chosen tour date, we will send you a PayPal payment link to make a deposit payment to secure your tour/date. To get your preferred date, please try to book far enough in advance!
Shared Tour?
If you have a smaller group size, are on a budget and don’t really need the private tour option, and like to meet new people, check out our shared tours. Our shared tour lineup does not include the same tour itineraries as our private tour lineup, but does include the areas must see attractions!


Private Tours Rates

Group Size Price / Person Group Size Price / Person
1 $325 6 – 8 $120
2 $180 9 – 11 $105
3 $165 12 – 14 $95
4 $150 15 – 17 $90
5 $135 18 + $85

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Tulum express tour for the light-hearted

The Tulum Lite excursion is a half day tour that introduces you to the mystical life of the Maya. If you are not familiar with the Maya culture, are interested in learning about the beliefs, influences, and spiritual practices of this indigenous culture, let us take you on a private tour that has you back on the beach by the afternoon. Tulum is a smaller ruin site on the shores of the Caribbean Sea that will inspire you to dig deeper into the ancient culture. Our visit is shorter and sweeter but still as captivating as our other tours.

This is a Yucatreks private tour that leaves nothing out

We strategically get an early jump on the day, beating the large crowds and tour buses to all of our destinations. First we enter the Tulum Ruins, the only ruin site overlooking the blue waters of the Caribbean. Our INAH local guide will take us through the Mayan city, highlighting significant buildings, compare architectural styles to that of other ruin sites, and share stories that have been passed through generations of Maya families that live in the town of Tulum. Like all of our tours, we allow enough time at the archaeological site to truly enjoy it – no rush.

If we find it is a hot day, we can hop into the sea at the bottom of the cliff. The Tulum Ruins are easy to navigate and much smaller than other sites making this a quick tour but no less historical, education or interesting. Tulum was the Maya defense base that protected against invaders and doubled as a in import and export port for goods and trading. The coastal buildings were used for spirtiual and navigational purposes, showing the astronomical knowledge of the Maya. To this day, the Pyramid is the navigational point that shows fisherman and boaters the reef break that lets them go out to sea.

A Tulum natural wonder – Gran Cenote

Not far from the Tulum Ruins is a one of our favorite cenotes. Note we said one of our favorite as we have many favorites. Gran Cenote is a natural sinkhole filled with fish, vegetation, limestone formations and on one side a sandy floor. The eyes of the cenote lead you into two different areas in the jungle, showing you how this underwater river system leads through the jungle in unexpected and mysterious ways. Swim, snorkel or relax. Gran Cenote is perfect for all three activities. Take note of the entrance as you descend the stairs, which shows how the jungle and fresh water depend on each other as an integrated eco-system. It is amazing how nature just figures it all out!

And we are off – heading back to your beach

As quickly as we left your original destination, we are heading back. This Tulum Lite tour is a wonderful introduction to the natural wonders found in the Riviera Maya and the heart of the Maya. As we exchange thoughts, stories, observations and a boxed lunch, we will have you back to your beach so you can enjoy a different afternoon.