Sea to Cenote

  • Destination: Akumal, Mexico
  • Runs On: Wednesdays
  • Tour Type: Shared or Private (Pending availability)

This full day snorkel adventure lets you experience two unique and magical environments found only in the Riviera Maya. Explore the mystical freshwater cenotes of the Yucatan and stunning turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Experience the natural beauty of one of the areas most spectacular cenotes, discover a seaside lagoon full of tropical fish, enjoy a breathtaking beach, and swim with the turtles in Akumal Bay. This unique combination offered by Yucatreks provides a snorkeling experience you won’t soon forget. This tour is perfect for the avid snorkel fan, eagar beginner and even timid observers. Shutterbugs will have plenty of photo ops, in and out of the water. This day is all about the water, both fresh and salt, and the unique journey of the Yucatan’s underground rivers to the sea.

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Tour Itinerary

• Snorkel/swim stop – Yal-Ku Lagoon
• Snorkel/swim stop – Cenote Sueno
• Guided snorkel tour to see the turtles of Akumal Bay 

Tour Price
Shared – $128 per person
Private – Check private tour rates table below
Recommended  minimum age 5 yrs
Prices are in U.S. Dollars
What's Included
Deluxe air-conditioned transportation, professional guide, all entrance fees, snorkel equipment, snack, buffet lunch, water and soft drinks. Complimentary beer and wine served with buffet lunch.
Group Size
We use 12 passenger touring vans, so our tours groups are limited in size. This is not a bus tour! Booking early is recommended.
Tour Pick Up
Our shared group tours leave from and return to Playa del Carmen. Pick up/ drop off included at most hotels in or south of Playa del Carmen proper. If you’re staying outside of our pickup area, we have a central meeting point in downtown PDC. If you are not sure if your hotel is within our pickup area, please send us a quick email inquiry. Private tours are door to door pickup/ drop off, however, additional transportation charges may apply for some locations, i.e. Puerto Morelos to Cancun. You will receive detailed pickup information along with your tour confirmation upon booking.
How do I book?
Click on the “Book Now” button or the Reservations tab in our footer menu below. On our YucaTreks Tour Calendar, choose the tour and date you wish to book, click on it, and simply follow the instructions to make your PayPal deposit payment. Your tour confirmation will include pickup details, what to bring and other info you’ll need for the day.
Private Tours?
If you have a group and prefer something more exclusive, we can schedule a tour almost any day that suits you,  and even customize the itinerary.Ask for a quote


Private Tours Rates

Group Size Price / Person Group Size Price / Person
1 $395 6 – 8 $150
2 $235 9 – 11 $130
3 $195 12 – 14 $125
4 $180 15 – 17 $120
5 $165 18 + $115


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Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

A cenote (from Yucatec Maya dzonot or ts’onot , meaning “well”) is a sinkhole, created from collapsed limestone bedrock, that exposes groundwater. They are natural formations found in the Yucatán Peninsula that play an important environmental and spirtual role in the local Mayan culture. The term is derived from a lowland Yucatec Maya word that refers to locations where groundwater is accessible. The Yucatan peninsula is riddled with underground caves and subterranean rivers that are the main fresh water source. Above ground rivers are not found in this area. Cenotes different in appearance, making each sinkhole unique. Some cenotes are fully collapsed creating an open water pool and look like round lagoons in the jungle. Other cenotes are elaborate, highly decorated caverns, partially filled with water. Many cenotes have a small hole in the ceiling allowing the sunlight to filter into the caverns.This natural skylight is what has made cenotes so famous, providing a magical feel to environment unlike anything you have ever experienced. On this tour, we explore one of the areas most spectacular cenotes.

Get ready to move from salt water to fresh water

Our first stop on the Sea to Centoe tour is Akumal and Yal-ku  lagoon. Akumal  means, “The Place of Turtles” in the Mayan language. This seaside community has long  been a secret getaway, discovered by travellers who dared to venture down the Caribbean coastline from Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Visitors are mesmorized by the white,sandy beaches, swaying palms, and greeted them on thier journey. It felt and looked like Paradise and it truly is a beach haven. This gem of the Caribbean has six beautiful bodies of water and lagoons, two of which are part of your tour with Yucatreks.

Yal-Ku lagoon – The entrance between sea and land

Yal-Ku lagoon is a natural inlet called a caleta where fresh water from underground rivers reaches the ocean. The  lagoon has many small islets and areas where wildlife, birds, and tropical plants thrive.  Known for some of the best shore snorkeling in the Riviera Maya, Yal-Ku lagoon is full of life. Protected by inland formations and no more than 15 feet in depth, Yal-Ku lagoon is a wonderful snorkeling location for beginners and families. Seasoned snorkelers love the open space the lagoon provides and the diversity of light that makes coral formations colorful and easy to see. Where the fresh water lagoon meets the sea, you can often spot stingrays and if you’re lucky, maybe your first sea turtle of the day! Part of our Akumal sea adventure is looking for numerous sea turtles that call these protected bays home. After swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the picturesque scenery, we jump back in the van and head for the jungle!

Snorkeling and swimming in a dream cenote

Next stop is an amazing natural wonder hidden in the jungle, Cenote Suenos (Cenote  of Dreams). This cenote has a mysterious cave entrance that leads to an underground world ready to be explored by you. For the unsuspecting visitor, this entrance would be overlooked as part of the jungle landscape. We lead you in the underworld to show you one of natures greatest creations. A wooden staircase leads us to a man-made platform that serves as our entry point into large crystal clear fresh water pool. It is here where we put on our life vests and snorkel gear. You  may just want to swim or snorkel in the main cave area, but for those wanting a greater adventure, your guide will take you through some awesome swim-throughs! The cenote is lit by a few discreet lights and natural light. The whole experience can be done with or without mask and snorkel. We can confidently say that this will be  one of the most spectacular snorkel experiences of your life. Technical knowledge is not required to experience the beauty found in the belly of the Yucatan Peninsula. Your guide is equipped with a  strong cave light, which will enhance your experience. This extra light enables you to see and examine the limestone stalactites, stalagmites and other mind-blowing geological formations.

Back to the beach for lunch, relaxation and a great time

After our experience in Cenote Suenos, all of us will be ready for a meal fit for ocean and jungle explorers! We head back to our Akumal beach club located on Akumal Beach to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch with your tour friends. Tour friends have access to the facilities; showers, beach chairs  and hammocks. Here is your chance for a little R&R!

Snorkeling with turtles – the final tour highlight

After you’ve had enough time beach time (if there ever is  enough!), you can get back in the water for the highlight of the day, snorkeling with the famous sea turtles of Akumal Bay. Mexico  has the largest number of sea turtle species worldwide with seven of the eight known turtle species nesting on Mexican beaches on the Pacific coast, the Gulf of  Mexico and the Caribbean coast. Akumal Bay’s protected waters are inhabited by two of these beloved creatures – the Green and Loggerhead sea turtles. The  Bay has long been a favorite feeding spot for viewing turtles. As a protective measure, Akumal is a designated turtle sanctuary and hatchery. If you have dreamed of seeing turtles in their natural environemnt, this is your opportunity. Turtles are found not far from  shore at a water dept of 8 feet making this an easy turtle spotting venture. You can see turtles feeding on sea grass beds or free swimming in the bay. Take a moment to admire their grace and beauty knowing they occasionally surface to take a breathe. Your guide will support your turtle adventure with a guided snorkel tour of the bay, pointing  out turtles, fish, and if you are lucky, some rays. we occassionally get to say hi to ‘Barry the barracuda’ so get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

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