Coba – Tulum Combo

  • Destination: Quintana Roo, Mexico
  • Runs On: Thursdays
  • Tour Type: Shared or Private (Pending availability)

This Yucatreks tour takes you from the jungle at the Coba Ruins to the sea at the Tulum Ruins. As we explore these differnt but influential Mayan cities, we will be following the trade route used by the Maya. Both of these cities played a significant role in the development and growth of the Mayan culture due to their continued exchanged of goods. The city of Coba was a major distribution center of goods and food throughout the Peninsula, and Tulum was the seaside hub for the importation and exportation of goods. We love this tour! Included in this day of Maya is a lakeside lunch in Coba at a local family-run restaurant and a swim in a spectacular subterranean cave/ cenote.

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Tour Itinerary

• Guided tour of Coba Ruins (2.5 hrs)
• Lakeside lunch at a local family-run restaurant in Coba
• Swim/snorkel stop at Gran Cenote
• Guided tour of Tulum Ruins (1.5 hrs)

Tour Price
Shared – $126 per person
Children 11 yrs or less: $114
Private – Check private tour rates table below
Prices are in U.S. Dollars
What's Included
Deluxe air-conditioned transportation, professional bilingual guide, entrance fees to ruins and cenote, guided tour of both archaeological sites, water and soft drinks throughout the day, snack and lunch.
Group Size
We lease 12 passenger Toyota touring vans, 16 passenger Mercedes super-vans, or 24 passenger mini-buses, so group size is not a problem! We can do bus tours, but remember we are the tour company for people who don’t do bus tours, many of the locations we visit are not accessible by bus.
Tour Pick Up
Our shared group tours leave from and return to Playa del Carmen. Pick up/ drop off included at most hotels in or south of Playa del Carmen proper. If you’re staying outside of our pickup area, we have a central meeting point in downtown PDC. If you are not sure if your hotel is within our pickup area, please send us a quick email inquiry. Private tours are door to door pickup/ drop off, however, additional transportation charges may apply for some locations, i.e. Puerto Morelos to Cancun. You will receive detailed pickup information along with your tour confirmation upon booking.
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Click on the “Book Now” button or the Reservations tab in the footer menu below. Once on our YucaTreks shared tour calendar, choose the tour and date you wish to book, click on it, and simply follow the instructions to make your PayPal deposit payment. Your tour confirmation will include pickup details, what to bring and other info you’ll need for the day.
Private Tours?
If you have a group and prefer something more exclusive, we can schedule a tour almost any day that suits you, and even customize the itinerary. Ask for a quote.


Private Tours Rates

Group Size Price / Person Group Size Price / Person
1 $390 6 – 8 $145
2 $235 9 – 11 $130
3 $190 12 – 14 $120
4 $175 15 – 17 $115
5 $160 18 + $110

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Follow the trade routes of the Maya

The Coba-Tulum Combo excursion explores two significant Mayan cities that developed the much needed trade routes between international partners and the Maya. Coba, one of the oldest and largest Mayan cities in the Yucatan, was the focal point for internal trade routes. Tulum, the only Mayan city located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, was the point of incoming and outgoing goods. These cities are very different, providing visitors with a wonderful overview of how the Maya influenced the economies, cultures and agriculture trades of the areas. We go from the depths of the jungle to spectacular ocean views all in one relaxing day.

Compare the significance of two Mayan cities

With our early jump on the day, we arrive at the Coba Ruins before the site becomes busy and hot. Upon our arrival we are joined by INAH-certified local Coba guides of Mayan decent and native to the area. They share personal stories of their heritage, offer incomparable insighst into Mayan history, traditions, and ways of life. During the leisurely stroll through the shaded jungle paths, guides provide an enviromental history of local plants and trees that play a role in the medicinal and cultural beliefs of the Maya. Like all YucaTreks tours, we reserve enough time at the archeological site to truly enjoy it – no rush.

As you view culturally significant pyramids, temples, roads, watch towers and ball courts, the pinnacle of the tour is climbing Nohoch Mul, the tallest Mayan pyramid on the Yucatan peninsula. This 42 meter/138 feet climb is rewarded by breathtaking views of the jungle and lakes which surround Coba. As we walk back to the entrance, take note of the numerous exotic birds and butterflies that live amongst the countless unexcavated ruins covered with tropical vegetation. You will leave with a new appreciation for and understanding of the size and significance of this ancient Mayan treasure.

Your next Yucatan experience awaits

After our walk through Coba, it is time for lunch! We take you to a family-run Yucatecan restaurant, located on the shore of Lake Coba. Here you can choose from a number of traditional dishes, such as Poc Chuc or Pork Pibil served with great homemade corn tortillas. As you look out over the Coba Lake, keep a keen eye open for the resident crocodile. Get your camera ready, as this is a great photo opportunity.

Off to Gran Cenote for a swim break

Gran Cenote, located close to the town of Tulum, is a wonderful example of the unique environmental wonders found in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan. A cenote is a natural sinkhole, formed thousands of years ago. Typically in the jungle, cenotes play a large role in the survivial and spiritual beliefs of the Maya. We won’t spoil it, you need to see this for yourself. Get your snorkel equipment ready and dive in. We will spend some time relaxing, swimming and snorkeling at Gran Cenote, only leaving when you are ready.

The Maya defense and trade port – Tulum Ruins

Our next and final stop is at the Tulum Ruins, the only Maya city located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. This ruin site is completely different from that found at Coba, but as significant as the larger city you just visited. We love the view off the cliffs, find the site easy to navigate and enjoy the stories and history shared by our INAH guides. Comparing the history and role of Coba with Tulum makes this tour a great overview of the Maya.